About Empower

We are an ambitious group that are always challenging the status quo. We are passionate about delivering clean energy to everyone, everywhere.

We want to build battery storage solutions that fundamentally change the way people generate, store, consume and distribute their electricity. Ultimately driving a greener, more reliable, and lower-cost energy system for generations to come.

Our Story

Empower Energy was founded in 2010 by Ezra Beeman with the vision of building an intelligent and distributed electricity grid to economically decarbonise our energy usage.  

We weren’t satisfied with the battery offerings on the market, as they lacked the flexibility to adapt to the changing grid and weren’t fit for the unique Australian environment. So, we took things into our own hands and designed the Empower battery entirely from the ground up. 

The journey has taken us from an idea in a garage, to an industrial warehouse in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, and multiple generations of our hybrid battery and PV energy system. 

Luckily we’ve had support along the way, as we have been the fortunate beneficiaries of competitive grants from Commercialisation Australia and the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC). 

Our founder’s vision has grown into a team of world-class engineers that are passionate about building technology for Australia of the now and the future. 

Meet our Leadership Team

Ezra Beeman is Empower Energy’s Chairman and founder, responsible for setting the overall direction for the business.

James Foster, PhD, is Empower Energy’s Chief Technology Officer, responsible for our overall technical architecture and development and certification of our cutting-edge hardware.

Michael Jensen is our Senior Software Engineer, responsible for the development of our end-to-end software stack.