The only all-in-one solar battery system designed in Australia for Australian conditions

Integrating a high-performing battery and our own Australian designed inverter, battery management, AI optimisation software, power backup and more. – in one simply beautiful weather-proof enclosure.

Brilliant technology in the most elegant format

Whether you’re planning a totally new solar installation or upgrading an existing one, you won’t find a more integrated, better designed or better performing option.

Total integration


Plug N' Play


More Reliability


More Power


Quicker Payback


100% Australian


A truly
elegant solution

Did you know that with other solar batteries, you don’t just buy the battery unit? You have to buy several other components to make it work!

Not with ours.

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Simple outside

Brilliant inside

What makes the Empower Solar Battery so special?

Higher performance, lower bills, faster payback:

Patented AI management software gets the most out of your battery - rain or shine

More reliable:

One integrated unit means less connections, less components, and less to fail

Designed in Australia for tough Australian conditions:

Fully rated to IP66 with active cooling so you can install it anywhere, inside or out and it won't quit or derate on the hotter days when you need it most

Superb value:

The benefit of all that integration? One of the lowest solar battery cost per kWh of any major competitor in the world


Run your home during the day on your solar and at night on your battery, independent from the grid

10 YEAR Australian Guarantee:

Among the best in the industry

Single unit is simple to install:

That means it costs less and looks better on your wall


All the smarts to connect to a Virtual Power Plant, the future of local community energy sharing

Remote monitoring and reporting:

At-a-glance online visibility of your battery performance 24x7

Single-point diagnosis and support:

A single unit means you never hunt for a failure point, or have to figure out which company is responsible for solving it

Australian designed

Locally designed battery that’s right for where we live.